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The first gravitational lift to space

Project: Duration of lift and motion: 10 hours.

Altitude from the Earth’s surface: minimum 60km (entering Earth's mesosphere)


Initial condition of motion: vertical positioning and lift.


Location of the lift: One city in each continent.

Point of return: The same as the point of departure.


Please post any questions on the Keshe spaces forum and if appropriate they will be answered.

In the near future we will offer to the general public space trips to the Moon, where each trip will include visits to four historic Apollo sites on the Moon (Apollo program). The spacecraft will stop for 2 hours on four Apollo sites to give passengers the opportunity to photograph and video the sites and the artefacts (flags, foot of the LM, LRV, Surveyor 3). The trips will be broadcast worldwide through TV channels and the Internet. On their return the passengers will receive a certificate. During these trips passengers cannot disarmbark from the craft, though on later voyages this will be possible.

Duration of journey (lift and motion): 72 hours



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